Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Review

My son is so excited about his T-shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts. I chose the Tom & Jerry T-Shirt from the Cool T-Shirts section of their website. He has loved Tom & Jerry since he was old enough to watch it! It is also my husbands favorite as well. Many Sunday mornings they sit together and watch Tom & Jerry cartoons together! He just received the T-Shirt last week and has already worn it three times! Crazy Dog T-Shirts are very soft and well made, and are very reasonably priced, especially compared to some the Vintage shops around town! They also have other awesome vintage tees like Spiderman, Curious George, Froot Loops, and many more! My son loves all the vintage cartoons that we as parents grew up on and nothing is more exciting than a t-shirt to wear in support of the greats! Vintage T Shirts Vintage clothing has become all the rage in modern closets; there’s something about being able to wear something representative of the past that allows us to most assuredly assert our unique style. And, after all, there are some classic pieces that were just so well done at the time – so completely symbolic of that period of time – that they can never be replicated. But when you want to pay tribute to the most recent past of pop culture, Crazy Dog has your best selection of vintage t shirts! The eighties and nineties were chock full of fun and kitsch; particular memories to which an entire generation can relate. Whether you want to remember a television show from your childhood, pay tribute to a 80s movie (check out their 80s tees!) or seek out any other funny shirts for which you have a soft spot, Crazy Dog has the funny vintage t shirts that will allow you to display your choice loud and proud.
Here is my son sporting his Tom & Jerry T-Shirt proudly!

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