Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interview with Nathan Engels aka Mr.Coupon from Extreme Couponing and We Use Coupons

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to interview Nathan Engels aka Mr.Coupon from Extreme Couponing and We Use Coupons! Remember the 1,100 boxes of Total Cereal?? Most of which  he donated to his local church's grocery giveaway!? I asked my fans on Facebook what they wanted to ask, so here is the answers to your burning questions! Here is the interview:

Ok we have some good fan questions, Alot of them do want to know about you donating items! Here we go..
My question was: I personally would like to hear about you donating items, that is not talked about enough on Extreme Couponing.
"Check out these links! Pictures always speak a thousand words!"

Fan Charlotte Varner wants to know: What's your favorite coupon you've ever used? 
"Oh that's easy, a Bayer $15/1. The meters were free with the coupon and also sending out a $10 register reward!!!!!"

Fan Dawn Cranford wants to know: What in the world is he going to do with all the toothpaste! He has his own toothpaste room! 
"LOL as you can see from the pictures above nearly the entire wall of toothpaste was donated to Operation TroopAid."

Fan Madeline Jones wants to know:  I'm curious as to how often he donates items?
"When needed. My local elementary school called last month and desperately needed HBA items like toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoos. They have a family resource center that provides for low income kids. They know I have items, they call and I drop them off. I have great relationships with multiple organizations in our area!"

Fans Ashley Anderson and Ashley Smith wants to know: where you get your $5 off coupons and ones that are more than cents.
"Every coupon is different! Some coupons are better than others just keep your eyes open! ;)"

and if you would like to answer this comment I get ALOT from fans: That the people on Extreme Couponing are hoarders, they even play episodes of Hoarders before and after the show. This statement I get is why I asked for you to talk about donating items. 
"To that I have this response: When people save for 30, 40 or even 50 years for retirement no one blinks an eye, but if you or I want to save essentially using the same concept on my grocery bill people think it’s odd, LOL. People ‘hoard’ lots of different things from Christmas decorations they use for 3 weeks out of the year to their kids clothes. I live by a simple concept, why pay for something tomorrow when its free or cheap today? So to answer your question, live by you, your measures. When it gets to be to much, dial it back!"

Thanks Nathan! I really enjoyed your answers! Always keep in mind when watching Extreme Couponing, that it is T.V. They film for about 27 hours and they only use about 15 minutes!
New episodes of Extreme Couponing air on Wednesdays at 9:30 PM ET/PT, they usually air older episodes before the new ones if you have missed some! 
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