Hayden Coupon Mom Coupon Reference Guide

Good News for my Out of State Fans that want to learn how to coupon and save hundreds of dollars on their groceries! My Hayden Coupon Mom Coupon Reference Guide is now available to purchase below!

What is a Hayden Coupon Mom Coupon Reference Guide and What is included in my package I order?
I have compiled everything you need to know to start couponing in this booklet I call the Hayden Coupon Mom Reference Guide! Here is a list of the sections in it:
*Coupon Binder 101 (How to start your Coupon Binder)
*How do I stock my Coupon Binder 101
*Printing Coupons Online, Savvy Printing!
*How and When do I use my coupons?
*How to use your coupons to Maximize Savings and Why we love BOGO Items!
*Rain Checks
*Tips for making your shopping trip enjoyable!
*How to build your stockpile
*Getting started one store at a time
*What in the world are all these abbreviations? Coupon Lingo 101
*Coupon Tips
Along with my Reference Guide I will also be sending you an envelope of coupons to get you started! I also offer you support for when you start making those grocery lists and getting your coupon match ups for as long as you need it! I will send my contact information along with your Reference Guide and coupons! This package is on special til 6/24/11 for $10.00 with FREE Shipping! Maybe you are local and just can't find the time to have a Coupon Party, this is also a great option for you! Can't wait to save BIG!? Get started now by paying through pay pal below (Buy Now button) and I mail within 1 business day of payment clearing!!! I look forward to hearing how much you are saving! I save so I can do things like, take vacations, pay off debt and buy the things I want!!
Have questions? Don't hesitate to email me at haydencouponmom@gmail.com, I am also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/2haydencouponmom

I now also offer Online Coupon Classes! Email me for more info and to book yours!