Monday, July 25, 2011

CVS Trip 7/24/11 & 7/25/11

Ok first to start out, on Sunday 7/24, I did the Spend $20 on Platex or Schick products Get $10 in Extra Care Bucks back..Now you are fixing to see some of my couponing tips and tricks in action, I had a rain check on the Schick Hydro Razors for BOGO (held out for a good time to use it, also my rain check was for 10, so they redid me a rain check for 6 because they only had 4 of them!), I found 1 CVS store (UGH) that had 4 of the Schick Hydro 5 razors left, so this was my transaction:
4 Schick Hydro 5 razors (on sale for $7.99 each): Used Rain Check for BOGO and 4 $4/1 coupons (exp. 7/24 which is why I had to use them yesterday)
2 Skintimate Shave Gels ($2.19): Used 2 $0.75/1 coupons (printable from Smart Source coupon I post on Facebook a few days ago)

TOTAL: $6.69
ECB Back: $10.00
Money maker of : $3.31

Today's Trip (Starting out with the $10 in ECB's)

This is a good post on multiple transactions, and some of my coupon tips I teach..


Bought 3 Soft Soap Pampered Hands (On sale for $2 and you get $3 ECB's when you buy 3 of them: 
Used 3 of the $1.00/1 printable Coupons I posted on Facebook Today (
Total: $3.54
Got Back $3 ECB's


7 Aussie Shampoo's & 7 Aussie Styler's (on sale for 2/$4.97): Used 7 $3/2 (when you buy 1 Shampoo or conditioner AND 1 Styler) found in July's P&G insert. (Part of the Gas Card)
3 Clariol Natural Instincts Hair Dye (on sale for $6.99): Had 3 of the FREE Coupons from a Facebook offer a while back (had 2 extras b/c my Mother & Mother in law didn't want theirs) (Also part of the Gas Card) Coupon Tip: I always keep these type coupons until one of the Drug Stores offer a reward for buying the item so it becomes a money maker :)
1 Bounty Paper Towels 8 Roll (on sale $7.99 + you get $1 in ECB's Back for purchasing): Used my $5 Bounty Coupon from their Facebook offer
Used my $10 ECB from yesterday's Schick Deal
TOTAL: $12.52
Got back a $10 Shell Gas Card
Like getting the purchase for: $2.52!!


6 Boxes of Pop Tarts (on sale for $1.79 each): Used 2 $2.00/3 coupon from ( I posted it on Facebook also a few days ago..
1 4 Roll Of Charmin (on sale $2.99): Used 1 $0.25/1 coupon from July's P&G Coupon Insert
Used $3 ECB from the Soft Soap Transaction 
Used $1 ECB from the Bounty Paper Towels purchase
TOTAL: $6.72

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