Monday, April 11, 2011

Success story from my Friday Coupon Party!!

On Friday April 8th, I had the privilege of teaching some wonderful ladies about couponing! The host of the party, Cathrine, put the technique of couponing to the test today at Publix and came out a winner! Here is what she emailed me about her trip:
Publix Trip 4/11/11:
Original amount                                88.09
Coupons/Store discounts                  63.46
Final Amount                                    24.63

75% Savings !!!!!


I would say that was a trip well made for her first one!!! Didn't take her long at all to be a pro! I am so very excited for her!!

If you are in the Hayden, AL or surrounding areas and want to learn how to save big on your groceries, please check out this link:

Out of State? I still have an option for you!! Check out the link below :) I am in the process of changing my HCM Reference Guide pricing, for just the guide it will be $25.00. For the guide and a starter coupon binder and some coupons it will be $35.00. Just email me if you would like to order before I get it changed over to the new pricing and packages :)

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