Monday, March 21, 2011

40% off a SnackTime Survival Kit

Teach your kids healthy eating habits in a fun and interactive way with The SnackTime Survival Kit
SnackTime Survival Kit uses healthy snack cards and time-telling clocks to create a snack schedule
Teaches decision making, responsibility, portion control, time telling and nutrition

The Highlights

Tired of the daily food battles with your little picky eater? Now you can turn snack time into fun time with the SnackTime Survival Kit! The SnackTime Survival Kit includes 33 colorful cards featuring delicious, healthy snacks, a wooden clock board with one working clock and three clocks with movable hands and corresponding snack card hooks. Each morning, mom or dad selects the snack cards for the day and sets the movable clock hands to the desired snack times. Your child hangs the cards on the hooks corresponding to snack times. Now it's up to your little one to keep an eye on the clocks! What was once a battle becomes a game! With The SnackTime Survival Kit, you're not only encouraging your child to eat healthier snacks. You're empowering him to make his own choices, developing self-control, even teaching him to tell time. Take advantage of this week's Savvy deal and start your little one on the path to healthy eating today!
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of your purchase will be donated to the preschool of your choice, and
of your purchase will be donated to a preschool scholarship fund

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