Monday, February 28, 2011

Hayden Coupon Mom's 500 Fan Giveaway is now OPEN!

Hayden Coupon Mom's 500 Fan Giveaway is now OPEN! Please go to to enter. Look under photos-500 Fan Giveaway!
You may only enter your email address once per item. To enter you must be a fan of both the sponsor and Hayden Coupon Mom, you can also tell them Hayden Coupon Mom sent you while your there :) Please do not unlike after giveaway, its not nice! The Giveaway will stay open for 1 week. Starts 2/28/11 @ 10 pm CST and ends 3/7/11 @ 10pm CST. Good Luck!! Thank you for all the AMAZING Support!!
*Please read the rules before entering and comment "I Agree"

I am still accepting sponsors if you are interested please email me at!

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mmbear said...

I am a new follower on the I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop and I am now following you thru GFC. I have someone working on my blog today and when you go on it as I just did it is still in process but you can GFC me and just leave a comment in any of the past articles. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have all my buttons back up. Thanks for the follow back.

Mary @